The origin of HIV: still so much garbage out there

While curating Virology News today, I came across another reprocessing of new that I had come across earlier concerning apparent natural protection of some African female sex workers against HIV infection: this was the intriguingly-entitled “African women’s genitals provide clue to HIV prevention“, in what appears to be an online Nigerian newspaper.

This recapitulates, very accurately, the information I reported in Virology News, which was the subject of a news release following the publication in the September 2011 edition of PLoS One of a study entitled “High Level of Soluble HLA-G in the Female Genital Tract of Beninese Commercial Sex Workers Is Associated with HIV-1 Infection”.  The gist of this is that:

“HIV-resistant sex workers in Africa have a weak inflammatory response in their vaginas – a surprise for the researchers, who were expecting the contrary considering the women’s high exposure to the virus.”

This may lend further credence to the observation that progression to AIDS in HIV-infected people is associated with a state of chronic immune activation – and that SIV-infected vervet monkeys do not exhibit such chromic immune activation, and do not progress like humans do.

What is interesting about the Nigerian article, however, is not what it reports – it is the online comments that follow it.  Here is a selection:

“Was HIV realy discovered in Africa ? Forget the western media propaganda . I have believed , for years , that HIV is a laboratory virus designed for genocide in the thick of apartheid inhuman policies in South Africa .”

“Neither did HIV originate  nor was it perculiar to Africa. It was the creation of the Western countries to stsyematically reduce African population. that the subjects of this study were exposed to HIV virus attests to this fact.”

And my personal favourite:

“So you have already swallowed up the white propaganda that the AIDS virus was first discovered in 1981 in a remote area of central Africa in the green monkey!  A fairy tale, which never explains why prior to its first clinical detection among western homosexual men in the late seventies, no case was found in Africans, and no animal or human population died off in Africa, yet the homosexual population of the west was seriously threatened until their protected sex campaign took off.

You must be unaware that about 35 years ago the Soviet KGB told the world the truth about AIDS….

Jakob Segal, a former biology professor at Humboldt University in then-East Germany, proposed that HIV was engineered at a U.S. military laboratory at Fort Detrick, by splicing together two other viruses, Visna and HTLV-1. According to his theory, the new virus, created between 1977 and 1978, was tested on prison inmates who had volunteered for the experiment in exchange for early release. He further suggested that it was through these prisoners, most of who were homosexuals, that the virus was spread to the population at large.”

What is depressing is that there is just one comment saying “…where HIV started is of little significance now. the issue is that our brothers Africans are the ones affected so we must work hard to find the cure and save our brothers.”

What is obvious is that, even in an environment such as one of the most developed nations in Africa, where intelligent science reporting is happening, the public seems to be alarmingly misinformed about the origin of HIV and predisposed to believe racist conspiracy theories that were debunked years ago.

HIV did not come from “green monkeys” and was not discovered in 1981: the virus was described in 1983 and 1984, and HIV entered the  human population in central Africa multiple times, from chimpanzees and possibly also from gorillas, almost certainly via bushmeat – and this happened in the 1930s or even earlier.

HIV could not possibly have resulted  from the splicing together of Visna virus and HTLV-1, as no HIV sequence bears any strong resemblance to either virus – and especially not to both of them in different parts of their genomes, as they would be expected to if they were artificial recombinants.  Moreover, the first HIV that has been reliably dated comes from a sample taken in the Congo in 1959.

All of these facts can be easily discovered by a trawl of either the scientific literature, or a first-level digest of that literature by reputable journalists.  All else is fiction…and malicious fiction at that, whether or not such supposed luminaries as Thabo Mbeki believe it.

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6 Responses to “The origin of HIV: still so much garbage out there”

  1. Chase Says:

    This is a good article. I was wondering how or what debunked the possibility of AIDS being made in America?

    • Ed Rybicki Says:

      I must admit, I was going to delete this…but then I realised that’s why I posted the particular article, so thanks for the opportunity!

      In the first place, there was NEVER the possibility that “AIDS” (you mean HIV) was made in America. While the condition known as AIDS was first described from the USA, the virus was in fact first described from France – and pretty much all in the same year, from the USA and UK as well. Moreover, when people went looking for HIV and related simian immunodeficiency viruses in Africa and elsewhere, it quickly became apparent that:
      1) there was considerably greater viral diversity in Africa than anywhere else in humans
      2) there were a LOT of SIVs in Africa, in a lot of different monkeys – and two of them were most closely related to HIV-1 (from chimps) and HIV-2 (from sooty mangabeys), indicating that is where those viruses came from.

      More molecular archeology followed, and it was shown that archived blood samples from as long ago as 1959 contained HIV-1 (from Kinshasa, DR Congo), indicating it entered humans before then – which was WAY before anyone had discovered retroviruses, let alone the kinds of skills and reagents necessary to deliberately make recombinant retroviruses. It is also obvious from HIV sequence analysis that the viruses are NOT recombinants of anything else – although they do recombine like rabbits with each other.

      Further sequence analysis has shown that HIV has probably been in humans from early in the 20th century, in West Africa, and there was a slow expansion of the number of infected people, before modern transport modalities allowed the explosive spread that was seen from the 1980s.

  2. Tim Julian Says:

    Phylogenically – Visna is the closest to HIV. So by sequenceing they can show HIV came about in the 1930´s but cannot find nature´s source!, hmmmm. Non SIV comes close to Visna. Don´t forget too, that HIV is made up of herpes viruses HHV-5 (CMSV) HHV-8. Definately a man made virus, it doesn´t exist in nature!

    BTW- Visna was found in the 1930´s the same time HIV, supposidly crossed over!

  3. Tim Julian Says:

    BTW- How do you know just by slicing two viruses together, you don´t get this outcome or you don´t get that outcome? Are you just going by what you have read in some text book? Unless you try yourself, you will never know for sure. HTLV-BIV are close. HTLV-1 is 75% monological to HIV-1. HIV is very suspicious, the epicentre of HIV is New York, not Africa, just type it into Google!

    • rybicki Says:

      Sorry – that sort of crap was disproved YEARS ago! I help WRITE text books, so no, I don’t go by what I read in them – I go by the original scientific literature. Which has shown conclusively that HIV’s closest relatives are SIVs; that HIV is NOT a recombinant (deliberate or otherwise) of other retroviruses; that the “epicentre” of HIV is the Democratic Republic of teh Congo.

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